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Chris Powers | CEO, Fort Capital LP

“I didn’t have a clue what I was doing when starting a podcast. I had a message I wanted to get out to our community, knew podcasting was the way to do it, but needed the help. Straight Up made it easy, affordable, and enjoyable to get started. 22 episodes later we are rocking and rolling. The best part about SUP is their relentless pursuit to continue finding the best ways to podcast – and of course, offering those tools to clients.”

James Beshara | Angel Investor, former Airbnb Executive, Founder of Tilt.com

“Straight Up Podcasts puts podcasting on autopilot. Such an invaluable part of creating this kind of content, and I couldn’t be happier with Johnny and his team.”

Bryan Perkins | CEO and Co-founder of Novaria Group

Valuable – “This is the future of broad communication with meaning and inflection. We are finding numerous uses for the podcast platform and have received positive feedback from virtually all who experience it.”Complexity – “Straight Up’s work has enabled us to take the complicated guess-work out of delivering a great product to our industry and stakeholders. This format has opened our eyes to an array of communication and uses for podcasts.”Experience – “Straight Up’s management are pros and understand that our schedules do not revolve around content creation or editing. They have found their place as an extension of our team, being present when needed, and operate in a virtual environment for convenience.”

Cynthia Peterson | Nationally recognized Catholic speaker and author

“Recognizing that Podcasting is the gold standard of today's communication is easy. But getting you own podcast up and running is not so easy! I found the technical aspects of producing a podcast to be overwhelming! SUP was the answer.From setting up my studio to providing editing and production services, Johnny and his team were beyond professional and attentive to my needs. I have exactly the podcast I have always wanted. And because of SUP, I am able to focus on the content and not the process. SUP puts out amazing professional quality production pieces and made what was to me an insurmountable process seem effortless and easy. The decision to start a podcast was a good one, but the choice of SUP to make it happen was the absolute best.”

Michael King, Founder & CEO of KFE Solutions, host of In the Trenches with Michael King

Anyone can sit down, start recording, and launch a podcast. After spending just a small amount of time researching podcast production, I realized that if I wanted a professional podcast that represented my brand properly there would be a level of technical competency and expertise required. As the CEO of a growing company, I just didn’t have the time to learn the ins and outs of podcast strategies, equipment, and production. I interviewed maybe 6 or 8 companies to fill that role. I talked to freelancers on UpWork and I talked to major podcast production studios with 15+ employees. I found that everyone I spoke with was missing one of two critical elements for me: a portfolio consistent with the quality I was looking for or proper value for the price. A former colleague heard about my search and referred me to Johnny at Straight Up Podcasts. After our first consultation, it was obvious to me that Straight Up Podcasts could bring me the perfect combination of quality and value. Johnny helped with equipment selection and configuration. He’s handled everything from hosting set up to RSS feeds to iTunes applications to music selection to editing. Johnny is the consummate professional and he’s passionate about his craft. At this point, all I have to do is record the episodes and Straight Up Podcasts handles the rest. Today I have a podcast that's helping me grow my brand and I don’t have to invest my time with any technical details. Thanks Johnny!

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