Podcast Editing and Sound Design​

Give your podcast the professional, studio-quality sound that draws listeners in and keeps them coming back for more. Record from anywhere, and we will turn your raw audio files into the best podcast you’ve ever heard. 

Services Include:

  • Editing: Removing mistakes, crutch words, excessive breathing, mouth sounds and breaks during recording for a flowing, seamless narrative for each episode Our team will work with you individually to understand your editing needs for each and every episode.
  • Audio: Our team specializes in equalizing and mastering your audio to give you and your listeners the best sound quality possible. This includes removing that nasty echo, background noises and leveling multiple voices. Any issues you face in the final sound of your podcast will be taken care of!
  • Production: Mixing in your intro, outro, music, sound effects and ad-reads into your podcast and exported to you as an MP3 file ready for launch!
  • ID3 Tagging: ID3 tags allow information such as the episode title, your name, podcast title, genre, and other information about the episode to be embedded into the audio file of each podcast episode.
  • Video Podcast Services: Recording your podcast for YouTube? We’ve got you covered. We will drop the cleaned up audio over your video as well as create highlight clips to share on social media! 

Branded podcasts for your business

Looking to produce and launch a branded podcast for your business? Join us!

Straight Up is proud to offer to work with you as an executive producer for branded podcasts that provide insights into your business, establish you as a thought leader and more...

 All of the Editing services included above as well as:

  • Setting up your podcast hosting and submitting to Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Etc.

  • Full Text transcriptions of each episode that can be used for blog posts, articles, promotion etc.

  • Set-up and walkthrough consulting for conducting remote interviews with guests

  • Editorial and production consulting for the construction of the series 

    • The break down of each episode that comes together as one overarching narrative/story

    • Music selection, transition Sfx, voice over services and album cover art assistance

Studio Rental

Our fully-dedicated podcast studio is available for rent by the hour!  Located at our offcies in Fort Worth, we offer the most immersive podcast experience in DFW. We can also provide an on-hand producer as well as full editing of your podcast episode when you’re finished recording. 

*Tables, microphones, headphones and pretty much anywhere we can reach is disinfected before and after each recording. Water is available however feel free to bring your own! Your health and safety while recording your podcast is our #1 concern (besides making your podcast sound great!)* 

101 Nursery Lane, Fort Worth, TX 76114

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