We Make Podcasts. But Better.

Straight Up works with brands and creative individuals to develop and produce amazing audio shows with quality that rivals the best shows available.

With superior production and sound design, Straight Up provides the best possible listening experience for your audience. We refuse to let the complexity of podcast production hold you back from creating something that will be the focal point of your brand.

From Top to bottom, we’ve got you covered

1) Equipment packages that fit your budget, as well as easy how-to record and share your audio with us from anywhere.

2) Industry best production and editing with our team of producers.

3) Podcast best practices with our consultants (Yeah, that's a thing now. We want to help make your project as successful as possible!)

*BONUS* If you’re located in The DFW area, we also operate a fully-furnished boutique podcast studio. Easy to schedule bookings and on-site producers available to provide the best podcast experience.

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